Service Plan

by case

Case by case : Execute according to a single design requirement, such as product design, commercial photography, web design, etc., or even more detailed design requirements, such as only design proposals in product design, fragments of commercial videos, etc. Both can be implemented on a case-by-case basis through discussion.

Design Project

Design Project: It is meant to include a combination of different design projects, such as product design + commercial photography + packaging design, book design + print design, Logo design + business card design + peripheral products, etc. Although the project entrustment method is relatively complicated, it is the best choice for overall presentation and production efficiency!

Long-term cooperation

Long-term cooperation is divided into two modes, one is the long-term mode of “project entrustment”, such as: commercial photography + commercial video, one-year plan. The second is the “monthly designer rental” plan, through discussions to understand the needs of customers, and further cooperation in the form of long-distance signing contracts, for example: a designer who can design products and commercial designs, rent for 6 months per month.

Other Service