Makeup Organizer

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  • Size

    241 x 145 x 102 mm

  • Material

    PS Plastic

  • Description

    Storage is not the more the better, but it can be easily taken and clearly classified when needed.

    We observe the current cosmetic storage, even if the capacity is large, it takes up a lot of desktop space, so we redefine the function and effect of the cosmetic box, and clearly organize and classify the commonly used items, so that users can take them quickly.

    In addition, it can also be combined with TS-002 and Blocks series to create different uses, such as cosmetic storage, office supplies storage, school supplies storage, life storage and other situations.

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Design Concept

Through observation, we found that existing cosmetic storage boxes are prone to encounter two problems: 1. Unclear positioning 2. Storage methods in the front and rear directions.

  1. Because the positioning is unclear, commonly used items and infrequently used items are placed in the same storage box, which remains messy.
  1. The front-to-back storage method makes it easy to be blocked by the front when accessing items from the rear, and may even cause staggering.

Therefore, we redesigned and made the positioning clear, designing it as a product specially designed for “commonly used cosmetics storage”, and using it from left to right, which not only avoids blocking problems, but also conforms to the order of makeup application!

Right location, right supplies

From left to right, they are: Bottles/Disks/Small Objects/Tools. You can start applying foundation from the left and then apply makeup from the right!

Better to use with

As for other accessories or less commonly used categories, we recommend that you use them with the Join Box series and Blocks series to help elevate your makeup process to another level!